We offer a baby friendly area with its own exclusive playground which is separate from the areas that cater for the children from 2 to 6 years. All our classes are purpose built so that a safe and nurturing environment is offered to the children. The school has a policy to keep classes small. We will provide one care-giver for every 3 babies and a teacher for up to 12 children from the ages of 2 to 6 years. This will ensure that your child gets personal attention from his or her teacher and that a loving and good relationship will develop between teacher and child.char4


Events and Extra-murals

During the school year, we host a concert, grandparent’s day, exciting outings, spring picnic, big walk and much more. Extra-mural activities are offered at the school at an additional fee. Please contact our school for details.

We strive to ensure that your child will have fun while learning!




We are situated only 400m from the Olivedale Clinic and our teachers are trained in first aid. The school will require a copy of the family medical aid card and details of your preferred doctor, for our records, to be able to respond to an emergency in the minimal amount of time.



Our school is situated in Olivedale in a secured area with little drive-through traffic. We boast ample safe parking to drop-off and collect your child. The area is patrolled by RSS Security and all teachers are issued with a panic button to ensure quick emergency response if required. To date the school has not experienced any security incidents but we would rather be pro-active than re-active when it comes to your child’s safety.char3